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Yoruba Records

So, who is this mysterious Afefe Iku? After absolutely destroying the dancefloors all year long with his infamous bootleg of Radiohead’s “Everything In Its Right Place”, which he smartly put out in extremely limited amounts of vinyl around the same time his mentor, Osunlade, featured his cover of that very same song on BBE’s “Exit Music: Songs With Radio Heads”.

In all honesty Afefe remains a mystery even to us. So, let us start by saying who Afefe isn’t. Unfortunately, for those who thought he was Osunlade, you are mistaken, but don’t feel ashamed, because Afefe creates at Osunlade’s studio in Santorini, which makes sense to pinpoint him as Osunlade.

Afefe is a very quiet man. Like geniuses like our lost brother, J Dilla, Afefe wants his music to do the talking. And this is exactly what we’re going to do. While we thought, “What angles are we going to have for Afefe?” We just figured, this is the way he wants it. So let’s get the nitty gritty, the music.

Afefe has been steadily progressing in finishing his debut album for Yoruba Records, and in case you’re wondering how he’s doing, keep reading. “Artifacts of Pottery Vessels” is a small preview of what’s coming from Afefe. “Body Drummin’ ” is exactly what it is. A percussion heavy track strictly for the dance floor, its organic, yet techy-tinged feel brings such an urgency to move your hips that we would only recommend this for playing after midnight. Of course, if you insist, be our guests.

Just to show that he’s not a one-dimensional producer, “Columbus Beach” takes you to groove school. This cool and soulful jazz workout is perfect for those sun-drenched afternoons or some laidback lounging. Nice warm keys on this one along with soothing sax lines make this one a nice counter balance to the dance floor monstrosity that is “Bodydrummin’”.

We end things off with “Baby”. Afefe brings you back for what he’s known best for, dance floor heat. With that signature Afefe Iku sound, this is a short teaser to get you guys ready for his upcoming album. With just under two minutes, “Baby” packs enough fire to beg for the future release of an extended version.

We are expecting big things from this man called Afefe Iku in the upcoming year.

Published: March 20, 2012