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VULKANDANCE started as a party for African dance music in Berlin in 2010.
The amazing feedback and success of the party led NOMAD to turn it into a
series of events and into a concept (including theme-based decoration and
sometimes catering) that travelled and hosted some of the cream of Afro and
Global Funk/Disco DJs, including legends such as BEPPE LODA.

VULKANDANCE grew into a family of dedicated members and followers with the
same idea in mind: to put more love and fun into dance parties.
In the same year, Nomad started a now 750-strong VULKANDANCE Facebook group
for like-minded crate-diggers around the globe that is focuses on the
rarest, longest forgotten global dance music .

While the VULKANDANCE family grew, NOMAD¹s old friend and fellow musician
DIRK LEYERS joined forces with him to work on re-interpretations of some of
their favourite African, Island Funk and Cumbia rhythms and turn them into
modern electronic dance tracks. DIRK LEYERS' long musical history in house
music ­ as part of the project CLOSER MUSIK and as a producer for numerous
artists in the genre ­ and his skills as a studio engineer added beautifully
to NOMAD's rare and obscure library of amazing rhythms and gave birth to the
project AFRICAINE 808.

After successfully testing their tunes at the VULKANDANCE parties and
getting great feedback and airplay from DJ friends and colleagues of all
colours ­ like Tim Sweeney, Will Speculator, Zernell Gillie, Analog Africa
Soundsystem, Beppe Loda, Hunee, Dr. Dunks, Munk, Justus Koehncke, Tropical
Jeremy, Invisible City Sound System, Mop Mop, etc. ­ it was time to release.

Fortunately, within the closer circle of the VULKANDANCE network we
unearthed the potential to form a company with people who have years of
experience in the music business, including the horror of every fragile
artistic soul ­ accounting and rights ­ which is why it was such a short
step to officially found VULKANDANCE RECORDS on 21 December 2012 (the day
the Mayan Calender ended).

As a record label, VULKANDANCE works the same way as the parties do: We try
to present appealing, amazing rhythms and music with a twist, wrapped in
nice artwork. The range and styles of music are the same as what we play in
the clubs: from African tribal drums to disco to Cumbia...from organic to

The label we were looking for did not exist, so we decided to found it.
A. We want to present amazing contemporary electronic music with a focus on
rhythms, polyrhythms and percussion.
B. We want to present VULKANDANCE compilations with RARE or
impossible-to-find Afro, Island Funk, tropical disco and modern soul tracks
AND release 12" DJ editions with contemporary remixes of some of the tracks.
Fully licensed and rights payed to the original artists. No bootlegging or
ripping off whatsoever.
C. We want to release digitally and on vinyl.

Published: May 9, 2013