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WYS! Recordings

London based imprint WetYourSelf! will release the ‘Appiness’ L.P by British duo APP this ?, the first long player for the label and an incredibly unique body of work.

The WetYourSelf! Recordings imprint was born out of the infamous Sunday events, WetYourSelf! at London’s leading nightclub fabric, and here the label pushes forward with a long player from the APP outfit, the collaborative work of Peter Pixzel and August Jakobsen. The duo have previously released material on some driving forces in the industry, namely Diynamic, Kindisch, Watergate and 3rd Floor, picking up support along the way from the likes of Axel Boman, Deetron, Ivan Smagghe and Matthew Dear to name a few.

The ‘Appiness’ L.P boasts a broad spectrum of styles, always embracing a forward thinking and experimental feel, brilliantly displaying the proficient production abilities of the duo. Kicking things off is ‘Appstinence feat. Georgina Lovey’ which employs a combination of stripped drums, psychedelic guitar licks and tripped-out synthesized elements. ‘Soma’ follows, staying on a similar tip, with low- slung drums and intricate synth melodies, while ‘Inter’ offers up a brilliant contrast, drawing the focus away from percussion and bringing stunning melodies to the forefront for a beautiful interlude piece.

App team up with The French Edge for four cuts on the LP, namely ‘Friends’, ‘My Girl’, ‘Crushed’ and ‘City Mouse’, the results are four curious records built around straight 4/4 drums, abstract bass tones, complex processing and new wave 80’s inflected vocals to create stunning, sophisticated cuts.

Further highlights come in the shape of ‘Push It’, with its gritty acidic vibe, and ‘That Bitch feat. Tuhin Chisti & Graziella’ which takes on the format of a dropped tempo, lo-fi number. Then, winding down the album the duo turn in ‘Paper Tiger’ and ‘Magic’, cleverly drawing things to a close and showcasing Jakobsen’s Jazz influences. ‘Paper Tiger’ sees the duo opt for retro sax licks, seemingly improvised Rhodes melodies and jazz guitar licks all infused with the loose percussive theme of the album. While ‘Magic’ opts for a simple yet effective stabbing synth hook, subtly tweaked to great effect. Then closing the album ‘Outrovert’ steps in as the perfect finishing piece, with its smooth and profound ambient depth.

This is yet another stunning release as expected from WetYourSelf! Recordings and further proof of this label being one of the most forward thinking exports in the UK. APP’s ‘Appiness’ L.P is out on WetYourSelf! Recordings --/--/--.

Published: December 12, 2013