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DJ Holographic & Alex Wilcox
Parallel Shifting

    The debut release from Detroit native DJ Holographic and Detroit transplant Alex Wilcox, Parallel Shifting strives to change our thoughts so that we can break free from negative psychological programming. This feel-good EP aims to reprogram the mind to be fresh and new. You may experience dimensional shifts in your mind and reality as you defy space and time. Side effects of this may include reduced mental chatter and a better future self and society.
    A powerful and lofty goal such as this deserves a strong beat, and A-side “Parallel Shifting” delivers this in spades. Featured in DJ Holographic’s 2020 Mixmag Lab set, Holographic and Alex found themselves inspired by Thomos and Derrick Carter when crafting the track. “Parallel Shifting” is about shifting the gears in our minds and hearts, and allowing ourselves to be open to changes in how we perceive reality.
    With “My Feels,” Holographic expresses her current attitude towards the connections between all of us. “Our feelings control our surroundings and reality more than we give them credit for. When we feel abundant, abundant things happen to us. However, if you feel empty, then you bring about empty situations. As a DJ, I do my best to be mindful of the feelings I project into a room, while also being mindful of everyone in the room with me. Everyone is coming in with different experiences, but when I play I want people to feel high vibrations.”
    “Because Of Detroit” taps into the rich history of Detroit, which has informed Holographic and Alex’s own musical DNA. The seeds that we are all given in life are a product of our heritage. In order to bloom properly, it's important to know your full story and what kind of seed you are in this world’s vast garden. If you know how to properly nurture your seed, then you can take care of yourself and others. Knowing their roots helps both producers to grow stronger than their ancestors.

    Published: June 18, 2020