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Felix Smith, Code-R, My Friend, Sivz
Imprint Vol. 6
W&O Street Tracks

    Another raft of positively vibrant club tunes are assembled for the sixth volume in the Street Tracks Imprint series, and as always, new talent takes centre stage on these multi-artist EPs.
    Felix Smith may be a new name on the block, but the author of ‘Deep Dish Pizza’ is a highly prolific British house producer masquerading under an alias, and it shows, as ‘NYC Sound Factory’ style vibes are strewn all over this heater of a track. The golden age of techno/rave is evoked on Code R’s ‘Rave 89’, as frantic 909 hats, frenetic breakbeats and classic stab sounds rain down on a splendiferous production, whilst My Friend (FFRR/Anjunabeats) come correct with the slick and progressive ‘Nightrider’, with its driving percussive rhythm and thick arpeggiated synths. Rounding off the EP, Sivz follows up recent releases on Sheppard Records, and remixes for Late Night Munchies and Handsome House, with the delightful ‘Voices’, which builds layer upon layer of drama with its teasing breakdowns and colourful sound aesthetic.
    1. Felix Smith – Deep Dish Pizza
    2. Code-R – Rave 89
    3. My Friend – Nightrider
    4. Sivz - Voices


    Key Feedback Quotes:
    The Black Madonna ​- Nice!
    Flashmob​ - Lockdown Rider!!!!
    Just Her ​- Deep Dish Pizza is cool
    Greg Fenton ​- Good track thanks.
    Harri (Sub Club)​ - Liking these, will play and support
    Takeru​ - Love it!
    Severino (Horse Meat Disco)​ - yeah pretty cool
    Renato Cohen​ - Nice EP! Rave 89 is my favourite
    Nicolas MASSEYEFF​ - Cool V/A Ep ! Will try.
    Chris Fortier ​- sounds good
    Laesh​ - Rave 89 is very nice
    Indy Lopez​ - great EP, Nightrider is awesome
    Robert Owens ​- Cool tracks
    Ken Liu​ - feelin deep dish pizza the most,
    Gabi Newman ​- pizza for me please
    Marco Faraone​ - "Rave 89" for me!
    Enzo Siffredi​ - Love this
    DJ Jung​ - great release, very reminiscent of old school rave/techno vibes Moodymanc​ - Rave 89 for me thanks
    Norman Weber​ - i like deep dish pizza! will play
    Charlie Tee​ - Rave '89 sounding nice
    Karotte​ - deep dish pizza is cool. like it.
    Shaun (One More Tune)​ - Nightrider brings some serious energy! Love it

    Published: May 7, 2020