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Zac Stanton
Out My Head EP
Seven Dials Records

    Continuing its rich vein of form, Seb Zito’s Seven Dials Records drops another classy release from up and coming DJ / producer, Zac Stanton.

    Having been a regular face at The Zoo Project for many years, playing alongside the likes of Monika Kruse, Dana Ruh, Tuccillo, Dense & Pika, Ralf Lawson, Terry Francis and more over the years, Stanton’s sound and sets have taken on a slightly more garage twist to them over the last couple of years. He recently dropped his first earlier this year the highly rated, Instinct (UK) aka Burnski’s, garage imprint Instinct (UK) receiving plaudits from the crowd and DJs like Rossko, Burnski, Fabe and also Seven Dials head honcho, Seb Zito.

    For his debut release on Seven Dials, he has delivered a tightly produced exquisite two track ep.
    The first track is Out My Head, a smooth and soulful 2 step vocal garage cut, which blends the power of the bass with elegance of the vocal to perfection.

    The second track on the EP is 98 Pressure, utilizing sounds reminiscent of those from the golden era of Speed Garage, this picks up the energy levels, with shuffling hi’s, drifting pads in the intro, the break is where you get the feeling of the “98 Pressure” hit you before a rude bwoy bassline drops, this is definitely a dance floor killer.


    DJ Feedback
    Tom Findlay (Groove Armada) - 98 Pressure (Extended Mix) wicked EP
    Luuk Van Dijk - Out My Head (Extended Mix) Sickkk
    Jacky - Out My Head (Extended Mix) Yes zac lad!
    Ray Mono - Out My Head (Extended Mix) Yes Zac! Skills lad!
    MADVILLA - 98 Pressure (Extended Mix) fresh beats from Zac!
    Soulecta - Out My Head (Extended Mix) Wicked vibe on both tracks, Out of my head is my favourite. Top work, supporting :-)
    PIEM - Out My Head (Extended Mix) Dope!
    Ben Sterling - Out My Head (Extended Mix) classic big riddems! thanks for sharing
    Ron Slomowicz - 98 Pressure (Extended Mix) Two cool tracks
    Dj Caspa - 98 Pressure (Extended Mix) nice tunes here
    Severino - 98 Pressure (Extended Mix) speed garage vibe
    Huxley - Out My Head (Extended Mix) these are SICK!
    Timmy P - 98 Pressure (Extended Mix) really really cool ep - love both a lot!!!
    Richy Ahmed - Out My Head (Extended Mix) downloading for richy .

    Cameron McManus (Next Banger) - Out My Head (Extended Mix) Lovely vibes on the EP - Out My Head is killer.
    TBX Premiere - Out My Head (Extended Mix) Dope Release! Thanks!

    Published: June 18, 2020