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Ellum Audio

Maceo Plex new label Ellum Audio goes from strength to strength. After Ellum’s debut single release by Maceo Plex ‘High & Sexy’, Eric has licensed one of his favourite tracks for a re-release. Bazar ‘Hard To Find’ originally came out in 2004 and is by none other than DJ Gregory. This re-release couldn’t come at a better time, it sounds so current it’s unbelievable. Here it comes with two new excellent remixes by Maceo Plex and Danny Daze!

Originally released on the Sneakers Freaks Club Vol.5 on the great French Label Basic Recordings in 2004, it was always one of Eric’s favourite tracks and hasn’t left his box since it was released. “People are constantly asking me what it is, so it only seemed fitting to re-release this with some updated remixes”. DJ Gregory and Michael Tordjam wrote the original, and Gregory was only too happy for Eric to licence, remix and re-release it. Obviously Eric had to remix it, as he relished the thought for years. However, it also emerged that Danny Daze was also a huge fan of the track and was desperate to remix as well.

The A Side features ‘Maceo Plex’s Funk Drop Remix’, a superb reworking evoking Vangelis playing Jazz Funk in Space.  Eric has pitched the tempo down slightly from the original to bring out the funk in it, and it succeeds brilliantly.  Adding a huge drop, some new energy to the rhythm and adding that extra special Maceo Plex sauce proves to be a sure fire winner!

One the flip the original the kicks off like a mule! The driving snare and infectious bass and rhythm line are paramount; also featuring huge guitar strums and picks you can see why Eric coveted this so much. Finally Danny Daze adds his own unique take on the original with his ‘Love Dub’. King of the new Miami sound, Danny Daze delivers another superb reinterpretation complete with a new bass line, irresistible new top line, galloping drums, fluttering stabs and a vocal hook all complementing the original but delivering into the this decade with a bang.

Two great remixes that complement the original and take it further into the stratosphere without taking anything away. What a great package…

Published: November 10, 2011