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Crosstown Rebels


'From so simple a beginning, endless forms most beautiful and most wonderful have been, and are being evolved’. Darwin ‘On the Origin of Species’ 1859

Butane’s forthcoming album ‘Endless Forms’ is the future of electronic music, exploring fresh directions and true experiments in sounds, all the while evoking a myriad of warped sensations. His first LP for Crosstown Rebels, this heralds the arrival of one of the most dynamic artists of our times.

The title ‘Endless Forms’ is a homage to Darwin, the master of progress and discoverer of evolution. Identifying with his adventures, Butane AKA Andrew Rasse took inspiration and connected with Darwin’s concepts - “that all the complexity that surrounds us has developed from ultimate simplicity” - and embarked on his own wild discoveries.

Working from this notion, in an almost mad scientist approach, Butane has created a project that holds the beauty of simplicity, yet listen carefully and you can hear the intricacy of its craftsmanship. Beholding an eccentric and expressive story, unleashed from a pensive and peculiar soul.

The opening track, ‘This Is Your Brain On Music’ encapsulates the message of the album – “inquiry into the nature of things leads to new forms of artistic expression.”

‘Endless Forms’ drifts through the organic sounds of Butane’s production in tracks such as ‘His Story’ and ‘Mutation’, each creating new patterns in the engineering of modern techno. ‘Transmit The Music In Me’, ‘Almost Finished’ and ‘Idle’ further augment the atmosphere, taking industrial beats to encounter laid-back harmony.

Butane hails from the Midwestern United States, the birthplace of many great electronic music acts, but now resides in the heartland of modern electronic music, Berlin. Taking influence from evolution, he embodies a wide musical range, encompassing anything from seamlessly blended soul-led techno to warm, deep, cerebral house music. “I constantly change my techniques, exploring new methods, and considering new avenues towards making and understanding music.

His second album (the first appearing on his own label, Alphahouse) delivers the true identity of Butane as an artist, taking in his untamed thoughts, lessons and surroundings. “My goal is to evolve as a person and an artist. I get bored with the same places, the same tastes, the same sounds.  My music will always be an expression of my struggle to become a more complete person, we’re constantly adapting. My music evolves with me.”

Also a pioneering DJ, Andrew uses vinyl, Traktor Scratch, samplers, effects, and whatever other new tools are available to craft his sets. Encountering many cultures in his travels, from Tokyo, Cape Town, Moscow, Mexico City, London, Melbourne, Sydney, Budapest, Rome and taking ideas along the way. Technically gifted, with an ear for deepness, Butane is not afraid to take the crowd where they need to go.

As a music producer, his tracks have been featured on some of the world’s most forward-thinking underground labels.  Licensing original tracks to mix compilations such as Matthew Dear’s Fabric mix, Luciano’s HiFi SciFi on Soma, and Damian Lazarus’ Get Lost mix, it’s obvious that his peers in the industry hold his music in high regard.

Butane tackles music with profound emotion and relies on individual interpretation, “each time a piece of music is listened to, the listener is participating in the creation of meaning.  I find it a romantic idea that my music can mean so many different things to different people.”

‘Endless Forms’ is a truly imaginative project, embarking into unchartered territory and destined to be heralded as a seamless blend of inspirational sounds from a highly astute artist.

Published: June 22, 2009