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On The Corner
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This 12” begins with Collocutor ripping into Miles Davis’ ‘Black Satin’, from the benchmark On The Corner LP, and owning it from the off. A respectful homage is paid to the original with sensational improvised parts being added with a hip groove from the percussive wonders of Magnus Mehta (Magnus P.I.), Maurizio Ravalico and bassist Suman Joshi. The sparks fly as guitarist Marco Piccioni channels the spirits of late ‘60s psychedelic fires. The melodic riff of Miles’ classic is stripped down by Simon ‘Shwaa’ Finch and Mike Lesirge who subtly encapsulate the original’s atmosphere.
The A-side is completed with the label’s latest signing, DJ Khalab delivering a sharp, warped assault on Collocutor’s ‘The Search’, just in time for the LP's repress.
On the flip is a live version of ‘The Search’ recorded during the ‘Live at the Fish Factory’ Session in 2016 which, have so far resulted in two collector’s edition dubplates that are as rare as hen’s teeth. The invigorated far out sound has been mixed on this recording by producer Sam Jones who has entrenched himself with the On the Corner approach and brought his ‘Sam Jones Construct’ vision to the label. Marco Piccioni sold his soul at a highway crossroads on the way to the recording. There are spirits riding on the backs of the ensemble guiding this version of ‘The Search’ out into cosmic oceans.
The 12” ends with bassist Ruth Goller (Melt Yourself Down, Let Spin, Gufo and Bug Prentice) stewarding her virtuosic groove sensibilities into the twilight zone with this brooding off -kilter abstraction of ‘Everywhere’. The stripped backbones of the tracks rhythm are punctuated by a dialogue and mantra summoned by Goller that moves menacingly over a synth bass augmented b-line.
As label founder Pete OntheCorner describes the release: “This EP ushers in a string of releases that embody the label’s vision. The futuristic concept first realised by Miles Davis with On The Corner and more generally during his electric period is at the heart of our collaborative, genre-less burning chalice. Analogue genius being mutated with a charge into something other, a vanishing point of ethereal musical feeling where the space for fresh narratives can be formed beyond genre and out On the Corner.
Victoria's artwork is always stunning and for this series of works she has already conquered the sublime with the sleeve for Black Satin".

  1. A1 Black Satin (M.Davis)
  2. A2 The Search (DJ Khalab Remix)
  3. B1 The Search (Live and psyched at the Fish Factory)
  4. B2 Everywhere (Ruth Goller Remix)

Published: December 14, 2017