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Dance Platforms House Keeping

  • Below is a list of links and ideas to manage your label and artist pages effectively.
  • It’s important for your label’s progress to do some house keeping and update all the links with your latest information and visuals if needed.
  • One of the most important tasks is to double check you have claimed your label and artist pages on Spotify.
  • There are some additional options from the platforms on how to maximise your presence on the profiles.


  1. Update press picture
  2. Update biography
  3. Update social links
  4. Supply chart for releases – once you have set up an account you submit directly


  1. Claim label / artist page
  2. Set up a label profile
  3. Deliver shorter edits for Spotify – Under four minutes
  4. Ensure the remixes are tagged in the metadata so they show on all featured Artist’s pages
  5. Plan Radio idents for playlist
  6. Create playlists every two weeks
  7. Email update of promo every Monday to and
  8. Request insights set up. This will allow you to have a good understanding of your fanbase and which playlists your music is featured in.
  9. Request edit page function. This gives you the options to change art yourself
  10. Add tour dates
  11. Request Spotify Session through Above Board. This is a live show in their offices


  1. If you want to use the iTunes link as the private premier URL – request directly with
  2. iTunes are keen on Artists using instant gratification in album marketing (if preordered one
    track is downloaded instantly) request directly with
  3. Verify your Artist Apple Connect page
  4. How to post on Apple Connect
  5. Add imagery to your Artist account

Resident Advisor

  1. To request your Label and Artist’s admin access contact
  2. Update Press picture
  3. Update Biography
  4. Update social links
  5. Supply Chart for releases


  1. Facebook cover art is changed for releases and tour dates
  2. Profile photo is up to date
  3. About us section includes links to Beatport page and RA page and Vinyl store pages
  4. Latest album buy link is in about us section
  5. Photos of releases are tagged with buylinks


  1. Buy links are added to all uploads
  2. Page branding is up to date
  3. About us section includes links to Beatport page and RA page
  4. If you have your own channel make sure Above Board are montizing the back end.


  1. Monetize your tracks on Soundcloud
  2. Contact details up to date
  3. Link to beatport and other DSPs when links live
    1. Spotlight priority tracks
    2. Put a profile art banner up
    3. Tag the tracks
  4. Please contact if you would like her to expand on any of the points.