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Elliot Adamson
Electric Acid Tater Tots EP (Inc. Skream Remix)
  • FIRST RELEASE 25/10/2019

The first artist other than label head Patrick Topping to release on TRICK , his Geordie compatriot Adamson delivers an eclectic mix of tracks. The EP opener and title track, ‘Electric Acid Tater Tots’ is an acid-soaked techno slammer, strung together by Elliots own robotic vocals. Skream then steps up to deliver the labels first ever remix, a trippy, high-energy workout, before the Electric Acid Tater Vox offers a stripped-back vocal
version which is available exclusively on the vinyl. Over on the B-side, ‘NYC Dada’ is an infectious disco-house edit destined to fill countless dancefloors, then ‘11am in Brisbane’ delves into melodic techno waters.

“I don't recall writing the lyrics, but I like to believe they appeared in the notes in my phone delivered by some divine spirit via the medium of an Apple iPhone XR - cheers Steve,” Adamson jokes. “About four instrumentals existed for about four weeks and I would often find myself standing on the table at parties singing out the lyrics excitedly trying to explain that 'this is my song.’” - Elliot Adamson

The record is also accompanied by two exclusive bonus tracks. Lesgo Lesgo Lesgo is a true techno odyssey and bonus purely for digital copies of the EP. Then, there is the Electric Acid Tater Tots (Acid Mix) , a secret dubplate that has only been sent out to a select number of DJs. A true weapon for the warehouses.

“Elliot had to be the first artist, other than myself, to release on TRICK!” Topping enthuses. “ I’ve been championing his music for years and this release has been a long time coming. He’s now helping me A&R and is a resident at the label parties. His EP genre-hops and this is what TRICK is all about.” - Patrick Topping

  1. A1. Electric Acid Tater Tots
  2. A2. Electric Acid Tater Tots (Skream Remix)
  3. A3. Electric Acid Tater Vox
  4. B1. NYC DADA
  5. B2. 11am in Brisbane

Published: September 20, 2019