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Audio Telemetry
Cosmic Arts, Sacred Rhythm
CD + 7"
  • FIRST RELEASE 26/07/2019
  • FIRST RELEASE 13/09/2019
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The lifespan for humans is estimated at less then 100 years in this dimension. Due to this limitation, they seem to lack patience trying to attain their goals in this world. I’m sure that this is the case for most humans in particular, but the focus in this mission statement will be based on the Electronic Music Scene.

From the first arrival to this world and watching the current state of electronic music unfold, things seem a bit stagnant. There seems to be a drastic influx of so-called artist/ producers that are trying to influence the genre and the passive aggressive assault on what the pioneers have created. Until these souls truly study the art of music production, their track releases should be frowned upon. Their foundation should be to learn how this sound was created and how they can contribute to it moving forward.

Why not study to be a techno historian, it’ll only be a benefit. If you don’t understand the past, then there is no real future. Life-forms in this dimension need to understand the past to change the future, otherwise we’ll make the same mistakes over and over and time after time nothing will ever evolve. These words do not speak for Eqwel, however my feeling is that Eqwel has been spawned to contribute quality music to this genre for the indefnite future.

The mass understanding of Techno is the main goal for Eqwel, because if you truly understand this music, you’ll be mentally teleported to another state of mind. This audio telemetry is the answer to get lost inside the relentless nature of the low end frequencies, that is filled with percussions of high intensity. It’s been over well over a year since Eqwel has been contributing to the electronic music scene on a deeper underground level, so it’ll take some time before the earthlings are ready to be introduced to some new ideas. This society has been programmed to only like what they are told to by massive advertisements, with such vast dimensions why listen to these commercial programmers.

Listen to yourself. Music keeps us feeling alive, during our stay in this sedative society. Words & Observations by: Shadow 


7inch Side A: Float in the Air (5:59)
7inch Side B: The Spot (5:59)
CD Track 1: 2456K Intro (1:06)
CD Track 2: Receiver (5:45)
CD Track 3: Matter of Time (7:44)
CD Track 4: Pace the Ride (8:33)
CD Track 5: DSLBroadband Switch (1:29)
CD Track 6: Audio Telemetry- Eqwel Version (6:52)
CD Track 7: New Dimension (7:10)
CD Track 8: Bottom End (8:53)
CD Track 9: 5G Language (3:04)

  1. 7inch A. Float in the Air
  2. 7inch B. The Spot
  3. CD Track 2. Receiver
  4. CD Track 3. Matter of Time
  5. CD Track 4. Pace the Ride
  6. CD Track 6. Audio Telemetry - Eqwel Version
  7. CD Track 7. New Dimension
  8. CD Track 8. Bottom End

Published: April 23, 2019