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EP 2.1
Physical Release

We have been working on new material for the last couple of years - honing, rejecting reworking and occasionally performing it out live. The objective of this Gramme re-birth has been simple, but the decisions involved are always complex: simplicity is always the toughest of aspirations. We've been jamming together over the last few months and we've set up mobile studios wherever and whenever we've been able, including some of our office spaces after hours.

When we recorded 'Pre Release' on Trevor Jackson's Output label in 1996 we were still forming as a band - still in development. The EP didn't actually get a release until 1999. The 6 tracks on the EP were the only ones we had written, so when we performed live we played them like it was our last day on Earth - it was crazy and intense! We were then signed to Junior Boys Own, which was an equally intense period - but for different reasons. We found ourselves caught up in a big industry machine which we were not designed for. It was a horrible experience and in the end the album was shelved. So fast-forward a decade, and being able to write and record new material has been exciting, a chance to create music that's raw and complete.

The first track on the new EP which has gathered interest from a few DJs when we've jammed it live is Rough News. This track was initially a warm up groove during our sound checks which slowly started to become something more solid. It was our first benchmark of a sound to move forward with and a reason to believe in our music again. The second track is IFTM (I Feel The Moment) which started life more as a twitch rather than a track, but it found its legs after hours of repeated playing and some expert tweaking during Dave and Leo's late night studio sessions. We definitely feel Fascination represented a real turning point for Gramme's re-birth as it arrived, fully formed, as more a gift than the product of hard labour! With spirits raised we quickly squared the circle adding LOL, which we feel completes the EP beautifully. We knew these tracks worked together so have decided to release them this month, to be followed by new material in May. It's official - Gramme is back!

Published: March 1, 2012