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Superfiction is the new record label and music collective established by Italoboyz’ Marco Donato and Federico Marton.

Since their well-received 2007 release ‘Viktor Casanova’ on Mothership, that unexpectedly became an immediate global crossover hit (hammered out by pretty much every DJ on the globe), Italoboyz have been exporting their eclectic sounds via label greats such as Get Physical, Moon Harbour and Trapez. Craving the total creative freedom and sense of musical continuity that only a self-grown label can bring, the duo have decided to take things to the next level – namely, Superfiction.

Reflecting an Italoboyz’ vision of where modern electronic music is, or could be, releases on the label will be influenced by every possible music via their own view and perspective of Techno, House, Breaks, Electronica, Chill Out and “Funk… lots of Funk… Disco-y. Very jacking, sometimes trippy”. Superfiction will represent their main source of musical output, as well as becoming a showcase for their coolest tracks, collaborations and new artists.

With this label there is a strong emphasis placed on longevity - Superfiction is not about trends. The label’s releases will be influenced by the tastes and personal acknowledgment of the Italoboyz and their musical backgrounds; their adventures in record collecting over 20-plus years and their uniquely individual style, whilst simultaneously leaving the door open to new artists and ideas. As Marco succinctly puts it "We don't have any preconceptions, we are open to many styles of music - as long as we believe is quality ." This honest openness combined with a strong sense of identity means their releases will certainly reflect what their approach to electronic music is.

Superfiction, far from being purely a means to releasing music without compromise or external limitations, is also a concept in its own right. As a platform, Superfiction is set to become a musical community for fellow DJs, musician friends and producers; facilitating collaborations and incubating new projects in an atmosphere of pure creativity, without the rigidity of pre-determined concepts and corporate agendas. Superfiction will also be expanding into club nights, where Fede and Marco will invite their label artists to perform, alongside friends and people who appreciate the meaning of a good party.

Superfiction is a concept that subconsciously started over 20 years ago and, as it’s aged, aims to stay eternal and timeless. Superfiction launches on 13th  July 2012 with a release party at Basing House in Shoreditch, London.

Published: June 14, 2012