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Crosstown Rebels


‘Don’t You Remember The Future’ is the debut artist album from Jamie Jones, peering into the coming apocalypse with a body-shaking, teeth-grinding, tripped out fusion of sound on Crosstown Rebels.

There are some talents that remain inconspicuous and then there are some you can’t ignore. Jamie Jones is the latter, quickly rising to superstar status in underground dance circles over recent years. Releases on Cocoon, Get Physical and BPitch have catapulted him to become a cult figure and he is widely admired for his true originality. From his debut single ‘Amazon’, to his latest anthem ‘Summertime’, his unique sound has won him worldwide audiences and this album has been widely anticipated as one to change the face of the current house music spectrum.

With ‘Don’t You Remember The Future’ Jamie Jones delivers an album of “intergalactic techno house, where old school prince meets cybertron.” A seamlessly blended up-tempo mix filled with eerie and energetic moments. Listen, learn and live it.

“The concept of the album is the idea that this is the year 2116, when music has become some kind of controlled means of manipulating humans, and the rebellion consists of artist like myself who are hiding underground creating sounds that explore outside that control.” Jamie Jones

Creating a tongue in cheek reference to Jones’ sci-fi interests, ‘Don’t You Remember The Future’ merges his distinctive fiery groove into a mysterious journey of fresh and exciting sounds. Cinematic and spell-binding, this album sounds like no other, cautiously enveloping the listener and creating a new and ambitious approach to the traditional artist album. “Its all fun and games, an excuse for me to get all geeky and sci-fi!”

Featuring ten brand new tracks from Jamie Jones, alongside this year’s dancefloor anthem ‘Summertime’ and the current ‘Galactic Space Bar’ - which features the vocals of Egyptian Lover - the album’s twelve tracks are stitched together in an entangled web of beats and bleeps complete with a bonus CD of exclusive tracks in physical format. The album will also be available digitally as separate edits.

Cosmic cuts such as ‘Mars’ and ‘Deep In The Ghetto’ create a new dimension through soaring synths and idiosyncratic samples while the sonic dancefloor weapons ‘Half Human’ and ‘This Is How’ release the lethal disco master within Jamie Jones. The jacking, peak time moments of ‘Summertime’ and ‘Sand Dunes’ produce a current take on the early acid house sound and each step of this peculiar story solidifies the strange notion of being within an undiscovered time and place.

‘Don’t You Remember The Future’ features the guest vocals of a variety of musical souls, checking off some of Jones’ remote influences and revealing the greater versatility of this skillful artist. Norwegian oddball duo Ost & Kjex feature on this year’s Miami anthem, ‘Summertime’, which raced to the top of Beatport’s Top 100 download chart on its release and has been a staple in the record boxes of the top jocks for over a year since its birth.

The seductively charged ‘Absolute Zero’ unmasks the talent of London based DJ, producer and vocalist Alison Mars (AKA Alison Marks), resulting in a beautifully epic and mysterious after hours track, and the toxic ‘Galactic Space Bar’ features live vocals from one of the creators of the electro scene, The Egyptian Lover, an old hero to Jamie Jones through early rap cuts like ‘Egypt, Egypt’ and ‘I Need a Freak .’

Closing the album is ‘Mexico’, ending on a reflective note and leaving the door open for interpretation. Well-known for his playful invention and careful mood manipulation, Jamie Jones has created a concept album that explores each side of his curious nature and the result is an experimental minefield of isolated wonder.

Jamie Jones has achieved in a few short years what some strive for in a lifetime. ‘Don’t You Remember The Future’ marks the next step in his journey, becoming an artist to be remembered and one that has brought the future into the present.

  • •• Don't You Remember The Future
  • •• Mars
  • •• Summertime feat Ost & Kjex
  • •• Deep In The Ghetto
  • •• Half Human
  • •• This Is How
  • •• Sand Dunes
  • •• Absolute Zero feat Alison Mars
  • •• Galactic Space Bar feat Egyptian Lover
  • •• Turning Table
  • •• Belter
  • •• Mexico
Bonus CD
My Body 5:19
Acerola 5:26
Im Down With R2D2 7:23
House Ain't Back (It Never Went Away) 4:13
We Can 5:54
Pin The Cushin 6:46
I Like It 6:18

Published: September 7, 2009