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King Of Kong
Interlocal (Compilation) V.A.
King of Kong

    King Of Kong , the up - and - coming label run by Artur8, Anton Klint and Edvin Edvinson of Tryck&Ton already caused quite a stir with its first few vinyl outings, combining talents of Newborn Jr., Das Komplex, Eric Duncan and, most recently, a collaboration between Wolfram and DJ Hell. “Interlocal” is a forthcoming compilation of
    14 new and exclusive pieces from friends, colleagues and affiliates from cities, big and small, all around the world. With its daringly eclectic selection, this exclusive release serves as a perfect example of KOK explorations of contemporary dance music in its broadest sense, from murky “pop” songs to warehouse tools, with everything that comes in between. The journey starts with “ Angeldust Incl.”, a special track that combines lyrics from the prolific German filmmaker Klaus Lemke with mesmerising ska
    - meets - cabaret - at - the - disco music produced by Munich based Jonas Imbery/Telonius, founder of Gomma Records, and sang by Jonas’s daughter, Marlene. Its live drums and horns, pulsating rhythm and overlapping vocals make for a hypnotic,
    timeless song, apt for both late evening and early morning hours. To celebrate Lemke’s 80th birthday and honour his prolific output, the track is accompanied by a deep and dreamy remix from Warsaw’s Lutto Lento, a prominent and unpredictable figure among today’s experimental, post - techno producers.
    The track that follows is, amazingly, another father/daughter duo from London based
    Wonder and Jesse, featuring Jesse Hackett (Teeth Agency, Metal Preyers, Elmore Judd, member of Owiny Sigoma Band and touring keyboardist of Gorillaz) together with his young daughter, Wonder. “ Dancing Crocadiles” is a lovely, dreamy miniature, soaked in ambient drones and driven by the strumming of acoustic guitars .“Na bieżnię” by
    Warsaw based Private Press is quite unusual for this producer duo, known primarily for solid Detroit/Basic Channel inspired club tools on Rekids. Breaking with this legacy, “
    Na bieżnię” features a slow, syncopated rhythm, electric static and snippets of shamanic voices that result in something between futuristic bass music and primeval ritual.
    Los Angeles based Warehouse Preservation Society (Travis Kirschbaum/Tavish Graham of 40 Thieves, Split Seconds fame) ups the tempo on“ I Can Feel It” while retaining a somewhat tribal mood, echoing drums, bubbling basses and vocal hooks galore.
    Next is Copenhagen’s Christian d'Or with “That’s How Strong My Love Is” remixed by
    Melbourne’s Otologic of Animals Dancing fame. This tune, with its solid kick and pounding bass, wouldn’t be out of place on some of classic Planet E releases; quite a surprise, given the original track is an ambient - drenched Waylon-Jennings-meets-Nick -Cave torch song.“ The Clap Track” by Warsaw’s Newborn Jr goes for the full-on euphoric mode with its endless build - up full of syncopated hi -hats, piano licks and general hands - in - the - air attitude. Chris Coco, Luca Averna and Antonio Prosper
    (residents of Ibiza’s finest, Pikes Hotel) keep the dancefloor going with “Tropical Express” (the title says it all, actually), perfect for any summer party sunset, sunrise and anytime in between. The record is rounded off by KingOfKongs own, Gothenburg
    based Anton Klint, whose “ Hi Man” is also remixed by a New York legend Mike Simonetti in his classic, irresistible and 100% effective warehouse style, with a discreet acid bassline and timeless speech samples. For the past few years Das Komplex
    turned from unknown music enthusiast from a small town in northern Poland, Koszalin, to an internationally recognised producer, known for his warm, deep, dubby sound fusing disco, house and Balearic ramblings. “ Once Again” has it all-mid-tempo, but solid groove, echoes galore, playful melodies and bass hooks-warm and emotive, uplifting and comforting. OK! is a new project from KingOfKong’s own Gothenburg based Edvin Edvinsson and Andre Laos. On “ Confederation Helvetica ” OK! delivers a
    playful, flute-driven tribal disco roller, simply designed to soundtrack a sunset and get the crowd moving. Tokyo beatmakers Endonao and Satoru Isobe utilise bass, guitars and electronics in a loose, punk-funk manner and come up with “ Asok Rub”, a moody, brooding piece of dubbed - out garage rock, a perfect soundtrack for a
    new wave spaghetti western... or a train ride home from the afters.
    The compilation will be also accompanied by its mixed version - Berlin - based Italian
    producer and DJ Eva Geist will prepare a special mix of “ Interlocal”, utilising stems of original tracks to create a new, multi - layered entity.
    This is a competent outlook of today’s global leftfield music scene, and certainly
    a soundtrack to many (brain) dance moves and trips in the forthcoming season.
    Executive Production : Artur “8” Korycinski and Anton Klint
    Tracklist :
    1.Marlene -Angeldust Incl. (Original)
    2. Wonder & Jesse - Dancing Crocadile
    3. Private Press - Na bieżnię
    4. Warehouse Preservation Society - I Can Feel It
    5. Anton Klint - Hi Man (Original)
    6. Christian d’Or - That’s How Strong My Love Is (Otologic Remix)
    7. Das Komplex - Once Again
    8. Newborn Jr. - The Clap Track
    9. Anton Klint - Hi Man (Mike Simonetti Remix)
    10. OK! - Confederation Helvetica
    11. Chris Coco, Luca Averna, Antonio Prosper - Tropical Express
    12. Endonao & Satoru Isobe - Asok Rub
    13. Christian d’Or - That’s How Strong My Love Is (Original)
    14. Marlene - Angeldust Incl . (Lutto Lento Strappalacrimemix

    Published: August 27, 2020