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Thirteen might be an unlucky number for some but for Culprit it is quite the opposite. The label’s thirteenth release ‘Candy’ from Lee Curtiss, is it’s biggest and most unashamedly dance floor oriented release to date. A watershed record for the young label, ‘Candy’ is the special type of track that reaches out and grabs you immediately upon hearing it. So it proved for Culprit founder Andrei Osyka of Droog, who, upon hearing Matt Tolfrey play it at Visionquest’s famed Old Miami party at DEMF, knew it must be a Culprit release, and promptly went out and signed it.

‘Candy’ arrives, arguably at the perfect time for Culprit and Curtiss. Both are making their mark on dance music in North America and beyond, and with ‘Candy’, they have a track powerful enough to propel both to the next stage of their musical evolution. Receiving massive support from luminaries ranging from Sasha and Jamie Jones to Damian Lazarus and Nicolas Jaar, ‘Candy’ is a track that transcends genre or niche, and with a club orientated dub from John Johr coupled with a Martin Buttrich remix, Culprit’s thirteenth release is one not to be missed. One to watch out for in Miami next month.

Culprit and Curtiss go back a while together. Lee Curtiss was one of the first producers and friends to trust the label with his work from the very start. Curtiss and Seth Troxler’s "Spending Time" was included on the first Culprit preview sampler back in the spring of 2009, and the track will receive a vinyl only release in the forthcoming months. This is Curtiss’ first full release for the label. It’s been long overdue, but as ‘Candy’ proves, worth the wait.

In the last two years Curtiss has been on steep upward curve, cementing his reputation as one of the most exciting young North American producers. His stand out tracks, intensely primal, yet never lacking in depth or emotion, have made their way from his Detroit studio out into clubs around the world via labels like Get Physical, Supplement Fact, Spectral Sound and Wolf + Lamb. A broad‐shouldered mid‐Westerner, Curtiss has some of the keenest ears in dance music today. In "Candy" Curtiss has created an unabashedly big record, primed for butchery of any dance floor. Lee’s boldest hook yet ‐ a muscular Jupiter synth line ‐ is ridden for devastating effect, sitting on top of incredibly punchy drums. As if the instrumental track wasn't catchy enough, Curtiss recruits a close friend, cohort and another of Culprit's favorites, Matt Tolfrey, to make his vocal debut. Tolfrey's "What We talk About, When We Talk About" chants make for a truly anthemic feel. A real peaktime song! Paxahau resident John Johr adds a bit of humor and perkiness to the original track. His dub provides functional options for the DJs less enamored to the vocal flourishes of "Candy." John is another friend of the label and a very welcome addition to the Culprit artist roster.

Martin Buttrich ‐ a new member to the ever growing number circle of dance music notables making LA their home ‐ and yet another Culprit friend (it’s a family affair, really) ‐ crafts a typically hyper effective remix that will appeal to a vast array of DJs. A loopy and hypnotic groove with a stunning percussion and low end, Buttrich teases the vocal and synth pad elements in throughout, releasing the tension after the half‐way point.

Published: February 24, 2011