ANNOUNCING: BULLET S – The First Sign Of Trouble [ERUPT]


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Bullet S

The First Sign Of Trouble

Zwart Goud




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Artist Bullet S
Title The First Sign Of Trouble
Label Zwart Goud
Format 12"
Price £7.99 NO DISCOUNTS
Territory Worldwide
Release Date 09/09/2022
Assets Download
All Genres [Breakbeat] [Hardcore] [Jungle]

Track Listing

A. My Mate From The Estate

B1. That Drip

B2. No Loss


If you thought the Erupt-ion was over and done with, think again. Another earful of heavy breaks and hardcore junglism have risen from the ashes to keep your residential area vibrating. This time, the ballistics are blasted out by the label's head man, Bullet S. Bullet uses his EP to tell a story of growing up around urban decay, and claustrophobic city centres. He translates that angst into three tunes' worth of furious beats and staccato riff overload, with the moody aesthetic to boot. This is the first sign of trouble, you cannot ignore it. Erupt Records was established in 2016 to cover tougher, faster styles of electronic dance music, with a view of openness towards introducing contemporary influences alongside the familiar; Hardcore that reflects today, not yesterday. The objective? Push the boundaries, keep the drums raw, compromise for noone. Grab the vinyl while you can to get yourself an exclusive bonus track which won't be on any digital releases of this EP, "No Loss".