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Fable & Fairytales
Crosstown Rebels
  • •• Fables & Fairytales
  • •• Fables & Fairytales (Deniz Kurtel remix)

This is the track that has been burning down the house this summer, this is punk-funk techno…this is ‘Fables and Fairytales’. A deep, dark and wonderful cut of distorted house music from Adam Marshall and Nicholas Murray under the alias N/A featuring the voice of Rosina… a creation that touches the heart, body and soul with an intensely passionate sound, producing one of the best Crosstown Rebels releases yet.

From the vocal chorus so hooky and cool - to the kind of bassline you’ll be humming hours after the club; this piece of LFO tech-funk brings Adonis, The Slits and The Fatback Band into the same room and melts them into one shining gem. Falling horns and random stabs; a punk funk vocal that is truly infectious; Crosstown Rebels #54 grabs you at the beginning and doesn’t let go for the next twelve minutes. A faultless anthem for the coming nights…

On the B side, the latest artist signed to Rebels, the uniquely talented Deniz Kurtel, stretches the hook into a dubbed out trip of groove-infused techno. Morphing and twisting the ferocious female voice to sensual whispers and heart-felt cries, she works more enchantment into this anthem and builds a serious groove for a dark room.

This is the first production from N/A (Nicholas Murray and Adam Marshall), who both cut their teeth on the early Toronto techno scene. Rosina is vocalist on Murray’s LAL hip hop project and also has many successful solo projects. Each have aims to keep the underground culture alight and truly understand the art of original concepts in modern electronic music. Originally released on the Kuji label under the alias Murr, this track never found its true audience. Berlin based Adam Marshall had remixed the track written by Toronto’s Nicholas Murray and when Damian Lazarus heard it he fell so in love it he knew it he wanted to release it on Rebels. Now with a new artist name, and a refreshingly current reworking from Deniz, this firecracker of a record can truly spread its wings and be deservedly hailed as one of the biggest and best records to be produced from recent years.

In little over a year, Deniz Kurtel has begun to dazzlingly innovate with her own forward-thinking and esoteric take on deep, sultry house and techno.  The daughter of mining magnates turned championship racehorse breeders in Turkey, Deniz developed a deep love and connection to the sentiments of electronic music after her move to New York. An accomplished interactive sculptor, she quickly made a name for herself in the experimental art scene. Discovering the Wolf + Lamb parties at the now infamous Marcy Hotel in Williamsburg in 2005, Deniz became an integral part of the duo’s life, parties, label and musical journey. Inspired by the label’s distinctly avant garde take on underground house and techno, she turned her attention to producing electronic music and the results radiate with magnetism. Her first single for Rebels is due very soon.

Published: December 14, 2009