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Nexus 21
Made In Detroit
Network Records

    Of all the Network treasured relics set to be released this year to celebrate the 30th Anniversary of the label there’s nothing as appropriate as the Nexus 21 “Made In Detroit” EP - it was recorded in the 1990 starter year and has been stuck In the vaults gathering dust ever since.
    We flew over in April 1990 and tracks were recorded at Kevin’s KMS Sudiio. Derrick May’s Transmat set up was upstairs in the same building, and Juan Atkins Metroplex operation next door. Mark and Chris were in Techno heaven. Four tracks were recorded “Don’t Do It Like That”, “Nexus”, “No Statues” and “Together” with a young Marc Kichen supplying percussion. Jay Denham added bits too, and Kevin supplied his engineer Chris Andrews working the desk where Inner City’s mega hit “Good Life” has been recorded a few months earlier.
    For good measure you can hear Kevin talking on the outro to the instrumental mix of “Don’t Do It Like That.”
    I vaguely remember a plan to add “Nexus” and “No Statues” to the Nexus 21 tracks later released on the excellent “Progressive Logic” Network EP, the idea being that this would be the basis of an LP which we believed would establish Nexus 21 as electronica giants.

    As for “Don’t Do It Like That” with those beguiling sassy vocals by Donna Black, we had hopes of a Pop crossover hit once the (never released) album came out. In the middle of all this not very well defined but optimistic plotting, our World turned upside down when Mark and Chris turned up at the Network office one day with what ended up as the first Altern 8 tracks, We all went on a Rave mission, and the Detroit tracks were put aside for another day.
    A1. Don't Do It Like That
    A1. Don't Do It Like That (Instrumental)
    B1. Nexus
    B2. No Statues

    Published: April 7, 2020