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Le Edits
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By now, the world is familiar with the extensive works of monsieur Dimitri From Paris. His prowess as a globetrotting DJ and taste-maker for over 20+ years, his reputation for the finer things in life, his sartorial style and of course most importantly his infamous remixes and Disco edits. Isn't it odd that until now, there hasn't been an official home for the man's stellar reworks? It just doesn't make any sense. This is exactly the reason that he has decided to set up this brand new venture - Le Edits Records. Naturally, a high standard of quality is present with all Le Edits releases across the board - From sourcing 100% virgin vinyl used for pressing to the mastering through tape, to the beautifully crafted and designed 'tip-on' sleeves that were popular with record companies in the 1960's and 1970's, to the wonderfully imagined graphic design that adorns said sleeves - Dimitri has overseen every aspect of this, his first label.

'What about the music?' we hear you ask? Well, simply put, only the finest Disco reworks are to be released on Le Edits. Fans will be treated to Dim's special versions of classics and rarer than rare tracks, all lovingly re-touched and mixed from the reels and master tapes each time, fully sanctioned and created in conjunction with the artists, rights holders and Above Board Distribution. 100% official and 100% essential. This is no 'under the counter' operation, Le Edit is here to bring back some quality and class to the re-edit game by doing things, once and for all, properly and respectfully. The first duo of reworks on Le Edits are 2 tracks that should be more than familiar with all Disco aficionados, coming out strong Dimitri has decided to set things off with a bang by bringing a French chic to the music!

New York Disco legends Odyssey have long been a cult group with dancers and DJ's. They've had numerous commercial and underground club hits throughout their career and they are still performing live and writing material today. 'Native New Yorker' - their first single, and surely their most well known record and biggest hit has always been a huge crossover record since it's release in 1977, a track you could hear in the clubs as well as on the radio and at neighborhood parties and weddings that has endured the test of time. No-one has ever had the opportunity to rework 'Native New Yorker', at least, not from the original 1977 tape. Until now. Dimitri has taken this evergreen classic and respectfully added his own classic touch and flourishes with an extra-special 'DFP Super Disco blend'. A beautifully fresh and original take on the Disco anthem, Dimitri's rearrangement is markedly different from the original '77 mix and pushes the track into exciting new territory. A masterclass indeed.

Joining Odyssey on this beautiful slab of wax is another monumental club classic, another track that will be familiar to anyone with an interest in Disco. This one is truly epic and has long found it's way into the bags of DJ's and the eardrums of dancers since it originally came out way back in 1979. It's been re-released so many times over the years with many different mixes due to it's continuing popularity and it has also been famously covered and in the pop charts. Ladies and gentlemen we give you a 'DFP DJ Friendly Remix' of Dan Hartman's 'Relight My Fire'! Again, with this reworking Dimitri has tackled the master tapes to give us his vision of the ideal mix. Dimitri has skilfully put the open drums right upfront in the mix making this a versatile cut for the DJ's, leading us into what is surely one of the most recognisable vocal vamps of all time courtesy of the legendary Loleatta Holloway. It's only a matter of time before the iconic piano break drops and we're in! This mix will surely cause the dancefloor to burn up. A high energy, roof raising version of an anthem.

Le Edit is starting off in fine style as you can see. This is the first of many and Dimitri has many more incredible mixes and edits hidden up his finely tailored sleeve. Join us on the dancefloor as we elevate the art of edits and present new visions of dance classics from the past - DFP style!

  1. A Odyssey - Native New Yorker - Dimitri From Paris Super Disco Blend
  2. B Dan Hartman - Relight My Fire - Dimitri From Paris DJ Friendly Remix

Published: September 4, 2017