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Ost & Kjex
How Not To Be A Biscuit
Crosstown Rebels
  • •• How Not To Be A Biscuit
  • •• Cottage Cheese In Cantonese
  • •• Zwei Jahre Aus Kioh

• Crosstown Rebels welcome you to the wonderful world of Ost & Kjex!
• Ost & Kjex when translated from Norwegian means Cheese & Biscuits…

Ost & Kjex are Tore Jazztobakk and Petter Haavik. These two talented nutbags have been making music together for a long time… So long, in fact, that they were running out of ideas of what to do next. This all changed the day Haavik stumbled over a musically gifted piece of Camembert whilst Tore was munching on a tiny cracker. The little pieces of cheese and cracker wasted no time finding their way into a sampler, resulting in delightfully crunchy music!

Crosstown Rebels have always been a fan of the special quality that makes someone or something stand out in a crowd; being original, eccentric and passionate could be the label motto! So it should be no surprise that Damian Lazarus felt a strong bond with Ost & Kjex… oh and have we mentioned that the music is amazing?

The title track ‘How Not To Be A Biscuit’ not only featured but was quite possibly the stand out track from Get Lost, the Rebels deep and twisted two-part mix that was released earlier in the year. Since then with the label have been careful to hold onto the track and it has become one of the most requested, in-demand Crosstown Rebels tracks ever. A track of wonder, starting off with what sounds like mice nibbling on cracker crumbs, the warping bassline quickly takes over and the glitchy madness continues. Already named in Mixmag’s Big Tunes chart, this is an absolute monster. It’s one of those pieces of music that can easily be compared to a runaway train, building and building, growing and growing, constantly petering on the edge of being out of control. The fall out follows, dropping you into the matrix, almost like a techno black hole and then sucking you out before you know it into a place of complete euphoria. Waves of intense synths and chugging bass take you higher and higher! A destroyer.

‘Cottage Cheese In Cantonese’ is as the title suggests oriental themed and utilises soft pads and harp like chords, over the top of an infectious beat. Far more understated than its predecessor, this is for the DJ that likes a slice of something different. Be aware of the vocal/cow at the end!

‘Zwei Jahre Aus Kloh’ shows off their talent for groovy, peak time, twisted electro. It’s got the funk and is near impossible for the body to not wiggle to… What a debut EP, a track for every occasion! But what came first the cheese or the biscuit?

Published: December 18, 2006