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Record Store Day Information for Saturday April 18th 2020


Dear Labels,


Record Store Day will take place next year on Saturday April 18th 2020 so here is some info so you can coordinate your release submissions and production on time if you wish to take part in RSD.


Important dates for your diary:


19th December – This year RSD require a basic product submission deadline. We must submit the basic details (artist/title/format/basic PR text) of your release to RSD/ERA by this date. If this deadline is missed for basic info your release won’t be accepted into the official RSD listings.


13th January 2020 – I will then need your artwork and press release/sales notes you want to be listed on the RSD site (No later, any submissions after will not be listed officially) for submission and set up.


5th March 2020 – RSD Launch – titles under strict embargo until launch, this is the date the list of releases will be going to live to the public. As with every year, RSD/ERA ask you to please keep your RSD releases a secret until the official launch night.


18th April 2020 – RECORD STORE DAY 2020


If We Are Manufacturing – Manufacturing Deadlines – Vinyl artwork and lacquers must be in earlier as it’s a busy time of year, so can I have print artwork to me and lacquers due at the plant by February 10th 2020 please if you want Test Pressings, If you wish to bypass Test Pressings it’s February 24th.


Any questions please ask me at