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Sébastien Léger
Skadi EP
Lost Miracle

Lost Miracle kicks off with a fantastic new single from the boss, Sébastien Léger. It fully fits in with his mission to craft classic club tunes and features a remix from Tim Green who he has been a fan of for ten years.

The single stays true to Léger’s mantra of going with the flow in the studio and feature two tracks of very different styles. He says “Skadi was written in my studio few months ago, the whole melodic base was made in my gigantic modular system, I jammed and recorded it, then built the track around the line. Forbidden Garden was a very long process, it had at least five different versions and after many versions I finally finished it last year. This is actually an old track now for me, but it matched my idea for B sides of the label.”

Superb a-side Skadi is a big slice of disco, progressive and funk styled club music with uplifting and magical melodies. It really gets under your skin and will send you away humming the top line while you sway your hips to the lush beats. B side Forbidden Garden is more organic, mysterious and moodier. It is ten minutes of house music that takes you on a real trip through worldly percussion and enchanting lead synths that casts a fantastic spell on all who hear it. The remix from hit maker, Cocoon regular and UK stalwart Tim Green is a deep and hypnotic cut with drums that sway back and forth and an exotic lead synth that really makes your mind wander. It is a supple and subtle pice that cannot fail to make a mark.

This is a fantastic first EP that sets out the style of the Lost Miracle label and means it is already one to watch.

Published: May 30, 2019