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Delusions Of Grandeur

As our favourite victims head off to San Francisco and their stateside studio of choice known as Room G to put the finishing touches to their third LP, we have a beautiful little taster of what to expect in the form of the Matching Half EP.

The rise and rise of Session Victim is well documented and even more well deserved seeing as the German duo continue to blow minds and cause waves of joy at every gig they play whether it be their high octane live show or vinyl only DJ sets. As if they weren’t busy enough with their touring they’ve also been finding an incredible flow in the studio, and after recent chats to the boys, they’re visibly excited and bubbling about how they’re finding themselves in the most creative and positive minds to date. No difficult third LP scenario for them then!

Fresh off the back of releases and remixes on Retreat, Toytonics, Boogiefuturo and Splendor & Squalour, we present you with their first original material of the year. Matching Half is classic SV, it’s fair to say. The boys build up a percussive, disco groove with a two-beat repeating rhodes riff which bounces around the kick drum
beautifully. Things build up simply and subtly to the breakdown four minutes in at which point a new piano progression signals the next section of blissed-out dancefloor euphoria. Once again, they’ve managed to create a memorable, uplifting, warm and jazzy track which will stick firmly in your head. And not a vocal in sight!

Flip over for Up To Rise which uses a similar sound palette and once again we have a disco-edged balearic instrumental whose strengths lie in the dubby, improvised feel, no doubt stemming from their late-night live studio jams. Simple guitar hooks and ad-libbed vocals add to the human feel which Session Victim always inject by the bucket-load. This track has been getting an amazing reaction from their recent live shows.

Finally we have none other than Byron The Aquarius on remix duties to give us his spin on Matching Half. The Detroit native should be known to most of you having had killer releases on both Kyle Hall’s Wild Oates and Theo’s Sound Signature. Here he adds a bit of that raw, Detroit attitude whilst keeping the soul truly intact. A skipping house groove bolsters the energy nicely and Byron incorporates some tasteful new parts to help make the remix his own. Classy stuff we hope you’ll agree.

  1. A1 - Session Victim - Matching Half
  2. B1 - Session Victim - Up To Rise
  3. B2 - Session Victim - Matching Half (Byron The Aquarius Remix)

Published: September 15, 2016