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Delusions Of Grandeur

Session Victim are back with yet more 21st century explorations into the thing we call house.  It’s been a busy 12 months for the German duo since they’re previous Delusions outing, maintaining momentum by releasing some of the most inventive, warm, deep and soulful music on a host of vinyl orientated labels such as Real Soon, Hairy Clawand Retreat.

For those who have become SV fans, you can be happy that what you have here is the continuation of the two producers’ development, taking things deeper still and with even more of an organic live feel.  On Million Dollar Feeling, the drums are four on the floor but that’s not to say any of the drum programming is basic.  This track is loaded with layers of percussion, nicely timed buzzing snares and dubbed out claps that all come together to create a groove that you never tire of.  On top of this you have deep, detroit pads and a vocal sample that we still cant believe we’ve never heard used before.  Yeah, its that good!

Dutchman Gerd is a man who has been impressing us a lot recently having turned out great tracks and remixes onRoyal OakPhilpot and Rejected as well as his own 4Lux label which he has been running for around 8 years now.  For his remix of Million Dollar Feeling he veers more towards his alter ego Amplified Orchestra sound going on a deep, disco-laced excursion with a heavy kick and echoing bass.  Here he creates an intense, peaktime vibe by pushing the chords up in the mix and adding a pushed piano stab that really drives the track along.

Finally, flip over for something very special indeed.  Time To Let You Down drops the BPM’s for an 11 minute string-laden soundtrack to spin you right back into mid to late 90’s downtempo and chillout electronica.  This reminds us of the best music from the likes of Visit Venus, 9Lazy9 or Smokers Delight but all put together with the Session Victim attention to detail and ear for deep, enveloping layers of musical elements.  9 minutes in we’re treated to a breakdown where the strings open up into the full sample creating the climax of the track.  A bold, confident arrangement which pays off as you find yourself putting the needle back to the top one more time.

Published: August 25, 2010