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The Royal We
Party Guilt
Crosstown Rebels
  • •• Original Mix
  • •• Accapella
  • •• Matt Styles Remix
  • •• Dinky Arp-a-pella

Seth Troxler, Shaun Reeves and Hector present The Royal We, and their fiendish debut release ‘Party Guilt’ on Crosstown Rebels will crack the smiles of its most discerning listeners.
A record dogged by hype and controversy - as each release from Detroit’s youngest prodigy Seth Troxler has been of late - ‘Party Guilt’ is unforgettable, not least for Troxler’s sneering vocals making a condemnation on a shallow party girl. A familiar type to many, the girl who takes, takes, takes at the party and never offers anything back.

Co-produced with Berlin cohort Shaun Reeves and with additional help from Hector, this is a mischievous slice of Chicago style house, with a funk-filled and hook-led bassline that has a foot steadily on the gas, edging up the energy levels to create commotion on the dancefloors.

Dinky and Matt Styles’ reworks are equipped with Tamara Deike’s humorous, poignant and cutting reply vocals, emulating the girl’s retorts to the original quips. Matt Styles’ remix is a deeper and textured reinterpretation, adding a Detroit-influenced edge in epic crescendos that gather momentum over chuckling drums. Dinky’s Arp-a-pella strides leisurely with trailing synth melodies and sharp beats fired up to blow out the afterhours. An instant classic package for the warm-up, the chaos and the aftermath, this is sincerely pleasurable listening.

Shaun Reeves and Seth Troxler are Detroit natives that both currently reside in Berlin. Friends since childhood, their sounds are each distinctly arousing and gathering much admiration. Troxler’s recent collaborations with Tiefschwartz and Matthew Dear plus Visionquest remix on B-Pitch have become some of the most sought-after productions this year and attest to him being one of the most exciting new talents around.

‘Party Guilt’ is set to become a club classic, and if it doesn’t we will all have the wrath and sharp tongue of Seth Troxler to deal with!

Published: September 28, 2009