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Tuccillo is a rare producer as he lives and works in Ibiza all year round rather than flies in for the summer.  The white Island is without doubt the most overused and abused place on earth for dance music promotion, but beneath the glam superficial surface a real scene of native island talent is emerging.

These are real people making real music from the heart.   2020Vision already supports the scene with a weekly mix all year round on Ibiza Sonica FM, which broadcasts peak time on Mondays throughout summer, just as the terrace closes at DC10 and people jump into cars to go to Cocoon.   Through the radio show Ralph Lawson started to meet the producers and DJs involved in the Ibizan Underground scene through influential DJ and program director Igor Marijuan who introduced us to some of the new music coming out of the Island.  Fellow Sonica residents Freerange were also quick to pick up on the emerging talent and released 'Panorama' by Tuccillo on their Delusions of Grandeur label followed by an EP co-written with Willie Graf on the mothership imprint.  Tuccillo's track 'Bang' also with Willie Graf never left our DJ boxes for over a year.  But it was last summer's big hitters 'Oh Night' and 'Samantha' that really started to make waves for Tuccillo.   Lawson served up 'Oh Night' as a signature dish throughout his summer residency at We Love Space and 'Samantha' became a bona fide underground killer for many DJs.  So we decided it was time to talk to Mr Tuccillo.

So when it came to making an EP for 2020Vision we pushed the artist as far as we felt he could go, to explore new untried directions and show his diversity.  Tuccillo showed his true spirit and worked though a few knockbacks from our A/R team until we were happy we had the best EP possible at this moment.

'Without you'  has been getting the most plays so far and sits perfectly in sets for DJs that have started to cross the lines between House and Disco and are comfortable with tempo changes and working their crowds in different directions. The insistent vocal is broken up with sparse beats and beautiful breaks and has never failed to rock the spot for us.

'Mathematics' is a jam Todd Terry would have been proud to make with it's mid 90s stab drops and tightly programmed sledgehammer hats.

'Password' is a straight up deep house groover with sunshine in it's soul, perfect for day and night parties.

Tuccillo is also resident DJ on the Island at Pacha, playing on Cadenza nights among many others and has built up a loyal local following.   Watch out for Tuccillo this summer - Big hair, big heart, big tracks !

Published: June 7, 2011