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A Beginner's Guide To Music For Freaks (1)
Various Artists
A Beginner's Guide To Music For Freaks
MFF (Music For Freaks)
    Apple ID for Download - 1524355898

    A long time ago them Freaks built a bridge with Chicago. It was a long Freaky bridge that absorbed a whole community of weirdos. They joined forces and built a fort under the banner of Music for Freaks. The fort was built to protect them from the normals - but also a place to build an army of associated miscreants that would slowly begin their attack on the offending world of bland, copycat dance music. The army grew and Music For Freaks took to the road - leaving a trail of madness in its wake. A Beginner’s Guide is a celebration of over 20 years of that madness; an album to show off some of the most loved miscreants, who have flown the Freak flag through the years. A funk weapon, featuring some exclusive and noteworthy unreleased bullets, hidden deep in its depths, and a thrill ride for only the true weirdos out there.
    1. C++ - Angie's Fucked
    2. Freaks- He's Angry (Argy & Honey Dijon Remix)
    3. Bertha - Huzzah (Listen)
    4. Freaks - The Man Who Lived Underground (Villalobos Greiner Remix One)
    5. Jozef K - Rudy & Marlowes Theme (Hector Moralez Remix)
    6. Roger Taylor - Two Sharp Pencils (Jamie:326 Punk Funk Version)
    7. Tyree Cooper - I Want It Now (Acid Remix)
    8. Freaks - Time (The Martinez Brothers Remix)
    9. Demuir - Paaaaarty
    10. Dan Ghenacia & Chris Carrier - Vaporized
    11. Freaks - The Creeps (You’re Giving Me) (Steve Bug Remix)
    12. jozif - Thrill Me
    13. Part Time Lover - Latin Rave
    14. G. Markus - G. Markus Lasoos The Moon
    15. Freaks - Washing Machine (Maintenance Remix)
    16. Dave Aju & thatmanmonkz - They Sleep We Love feat. Foxxee
    17. Mr. Tophat - Message To The Stars (Dubstrumental)
    18. HI-LO - Feverish (Swag Like It Rough Dub)
    19. Dave Aju - Find A Lover
    20. Del Costa & Pedro Goya - Metropolis (No Ears Mix)
    21. Lil' Mark Feat. Mikey V - The Future Back Then (Vox Mix)
    22. Justin Harris & Blondewearingblack – Eggshells In The Ghetto
    23. Johnny Rock - Telephone
    24. Leaf Project - Mango (The Outfit Remix)
    25. Javi Bora & IAAM - Where Is The Tape
    26. Kike Henriquez - You're Speaking To God
    27. Pay Day - Dissolving
    28. Electric Imbalance Allstars - Dance (Unknown Mix)
    29. Freaks – You Ain’t House (Maintenance Remix)


    BBC 6 Music Support
    DJ Mag (France) – Review 9/10
    Mixmag (UK) – Review 9/10
    Tsugu Magazine (France) – Review 8/10
    Valida plays on KCRW
    Charlie Tee plays on Kiss FM
    Christian Homan plays on RTE Pulse Ireland
    BBC Radio 1 & 6 Music support
    Chris Burrell plays on WKDU Philly

    Jochem support on Slam FM (Netherlands)

    Published: July 16, 2020