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2 x CD

After three years of releasing some incredible music on vinyl, murmur announces a special limited CD episode in nofitstate. Spanning two discs, this arcane journey is steered by murmur’s creator, Geddes, who reveals an intriguing musical vision.

Disc two is an exclusive live opus from murmur lead artist and studio mastermind, Tom Demac, who executes a bold approach full of captivating energy in this collection of tracks, all rehashed and re-approached for the project.

nofitstate has previously been a string of well-cultivated events, mainly occurring in the murmur London base but also shaping special occasions such as Miami’s WMC. With Geddes at the helm it has gained a loyal following through the finest selection of guests and acute attention to details. This compilation is a chance to mark the success of the series.

The first disc is a collection of current and future productions, handpicked and inventively recrafted by Geddes. This selection is reflective of his personal musical identity, unmasking an original music selection that has emotion at its base. Featuring exclusive unreleased material on murmur from James What and a Glimpse remix of Lewie Day (one of the biggest releases for
murmur in original form), as well as creative underground choices from the likes of Deniz Kurtel, Delano Smith, Gregory Thyme, Seth Troxler and two tracks from Jay Shepheard. Geddes pays heed to prime imprints Running Back and Delusions of Grandeur, joining the dots back to murmur’s own unique footprint.

The London born and raised DJ was inspired to do the mix by the disposable trend in modern dance music at present, hoping to highlight and support music that isn’t always new but is undoubtedly timeless. “It’s easy to caught up in wanting to find the next best thing but ultimately the tracks have a weekly life span. I've changed my outlook on DJing and track
selection, just playing good music is what counts, not worrying about what's hot next week. Its that same scenario with the internet, as soon as it becomes available digitally the quality goes out the window. The tracks have got to grab my attention and there's got to be something that distinguishes it from the rest, something I could play in a year’s time,” said Geddes of nofitstate,
“I've had lots of fun playing each of these tracks in various places, they all do something for me individually and each one has its place,”

Using his experience as the creative programmer of mulletover, one of London’s most successful series of events in the last decade, Geddes understood he needed to take a new approach to make the compilation work. “Buying vinyl and going back into the record shop has been an important part of this compilation. When I first started getting into music that part of the experience was massive for me, for a short while I lost that but now its back and I'm happy.”

The second disc brings attention to murmur’s own Tom Demac after a string of stand out releases on the label. His collection of productions is entirely exclusive to nofitstate and takes a more down-tempo melodic approach to his typical analogue sound. However he maintains his quintessential techniques using the infamous Roland 808 and 909 drum machine, “inspired in full
cliche fashion from...Detroit,” explains Tom. While he also incorporates vocal content from vintage vinyl from his growing collection, shining shards of soul, funk and rhythm & blues into the material. Tom explained of his partnership with murmur, “The relationship works well now, I can send an idea to Geddes and he believes in it and there's no messing about, it works well for everyone. What with Geddes’ usually unflappable ears and selections, everything down to the combination of the music when we play together, his records compliment my live show perfectly.”

An engaging and fluid journey that builds to an epic crescendo as it reaches a new version of Demac’s runaway track, 'Slip Slop Slap', Tom’s mix is a rewarding listen that invites you to revisit it time and again. Geddes said of Tom’s mix, “You can tell from hearing his music that a lot of time and effort goes into each sound, making them unique and stand out. It’s very easy to make music these days so to have that ability and understanding is important. I think people will see a different side to Tom - he can be quite diverse. Previous to this I could always tell a Demac track but I think his movement is changing and progressing.” Demac has formed a strong bond and musical connection with the label, “The relationship works well, I can send an idea to Geddes and he believes in it.”

Using the power of now, instead of  looking back and forward, murmur has built a philosophy that believes in the pursuit of genuine aural pleasures. nofitstate cements that stance and Geddes continues to strive for more, “The goal is to up our game and realize less is more.”

Published: February 1, 2011