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Various Artists
Upward at 33 1/3 Degrees - Höga Nord Rekords Singles Collection Vol.3
Höga Nord Rekords
10 x 7"
  • FIRST RELEASE 28/08/2020
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Handmade box: includes 7” adapter, rolling papers and enamel pin

The Mothership has come! It has arrived in the form of the strictly limited collection box “Upwards at 33 1/3 Degrees” (50 copies), containing all singles released on the label between 2017 and 2020. The Höga Nord – galaxy resounds of all good between strict electro and loose jams, fluffy krautrock and moist world music to underwater techno and space funk. Although, what it is that defines the Höga Nord sound is not genres, instead it is, to cite Mathias Nilsson, founder of and boss for the label, music “strongly connected to fantasy, to the creative world.” Creativity over profit!

The collection is an overview on Gothenburg’s underground music and on an international scene that breathes similar air as the local Swedish acts that Höga Nord Rekords has chosen to highlight. The kinship between Pardon Moi’s 80’s varnish sports car-electro and DRUK 11000’s more traditional mountain sound can appear distant but the artists come together in their free spirited approach to their own productions – what all acts on this collection has in common is that they move toward something new, something beyond the genre they are in.

“Upwards at 33 1/3 Degrees” mark the closer for Höga Nords first run. The 2010s are over and the 2020s lies open for further investigation of the cream of the Swedish and international of underground scenes!

  1. Pardon Moi - Power To The People
  2. Pardon Moi - Touch 2 Much
  3. Max Von Sydow - Insecto
  4. Max Von Sydow - Cardboard Pope
  5. Dungeon Acid - Dog Acid
  6. Dungeon Acid - Sex Beat
  7. Västlänken - Moebel
  8. Västlänken - Autobaba
  9. Druk 11000 - Zamboling
  10. Druk 11000 - Sibsoo Bazaar
  11. Ultra Satan - Freedom Rock
  12. Ultra Satan - Anti-Clock
  13. Golden Bug - Viaje A Tenderloin
  14. Golden Bug - Hitodoma
  15. Osynlige Mann - Airports
  16. Osynlige Mann - Exodus
  17. The iDEALIST - Inner Space Dub
  18. The iDEALIST - The Fire Of Moses (feat. Genesis Breyer P-Orridge)
  19. Al Lover - Dark Matter Discothèque
  20. Al Lover - Mark E. Moon

Published: May 28, 2020