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Pyramids of Mars

Once in a while, something comes along that really grabs your attention, makes you take notice and after a time you grow to love it. Very rarely does something come along that you can call a Masterpiece.

2013 will see the release of Vincent I. Watson’s 8th studio album on Pyramids of Mars, entitled ‚Serene‘. Matt Edwards aka Radio Slave‘s selected this Album to be the follow up to „Maxxi & Zues - Quiet Village Remixes: Too High to Move“ on his new imprint dedicated to the cutting edge of audio and visual art.

This brings the birth of a new species in Watson’s enigmatic and versatile producers career, and one which announces the arrival of music for TV and Film under his full name: Vincent I. Watson.

In the past 18 years, his releases on Planet E, Tresor, Delsin, and his own label Bio have had a big impact on the global electronic music scene for setting a personal, hypnotic perspective of groovy, melodic and atmospheric sounds. His hardware-only live performances and high quality releases have earned him great critical acclaim and the title as one of the world’s leading electronic musicians.

Having made the transition, Vince has recently released a sample DVD free on the front cover of Computer Music Magazine, and has also had his music featured on Sky One‘s TV Series Mad Dogs series 2.

While the aspect of moving pictures for this project is yet to be disclosed, the cover image is from a series called ‘Today’s Levitation’ by contemporary artist and photographer Natsumi Hayashi. http://yowayowacamera. com/

With classical training at the Royal Academy for Art, Music and Drama in Glasgow, Vincent mastered the Piano before electronic and ambient music grabbed his attention. These influences are all clear in his productions which are elegant and seductive with emotional ambiences generated by his skills of manipulating a keyboard, to bring complex multi-chords and dense yet fully melodic patches to contemporary electronic music.

Many will compare this work to the likes of Steve Reich, Philip Glass or even Hans Zimmer at times, which is no small credentials to gain, but there is also something elegantly modern and unique about the unavoidable journey it takes you on.

A mature, deep, jaw-droppingly inspiring, spine tingling LP – many words will be used to describe this piece of music, superlatives will be among them, but “Masterpiece“ is rarely so fitting as it is here.

It is, in fact...a work of art.

Published: February 20, 2013